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Investors should be going global right now. Here are the stocks that show why.

by Catriona Burns It is a well-known fact that the portfolios of many Australian investors are ...
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WAM Leaders Ltd (ASX: WLE) just announced profit growth of 155% for FY18

Listed investment company (LIC) WAM Leaders Ltd (ASX: WLE) is one of the first companies to ...
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Geoff Wilson adds to his holding as WAM Leaders (ASX:WLE) increases exposure to banks

by Bruce Jackson The $864 million Wilson Asset Management WAM Leaders Limited (ASX:WLE) listed ...
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Energy helps WAM Leaders to beat the market

by James Thomson Veteran investor Geoff Wilson says his blue chip-focused listed investment ...
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10 predictions for equities in FY19

by Chris Stott Around 12 months ago, I shared my 10 predictions for FY18. These included a peak...
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Geoff Wilson AO: bull markets don’t last forever

by Ben Wilmot

Veteran share investor Geoff Wilson AO is taking a ...

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11 top stocks for 2018-19 from top stock pickers!

by Peter Switzer As one financial year ends and another one starts, let’s see if I can give you...
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Updating our view on the banks

by Matthew Haupt Last year I wrote about the key risks facing Australia’s major banks, focusing...
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What electric car makers need to do to get every household driving one

by Chris Stott Although the first electric car was invented in 1837, it took the affordability ...
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