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WAM Vault: The next opportunity set

In this series, our investment team discuss how they positioned the investment portfolios throughout...
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Looking Beyond Profits

When celebrities speak to the media, they often do so on the condition that they can promote a ...
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A force for good – The Future Generation Investment Fund

In London last month, the head of Alliance Trust PLC (the UK’s largest investment trust) delivered...
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Share Fund Opens to Philanthropic Investors

Access to global markets is often viewed as opaque and too difficult for Australian shareholders to ...
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A global LIC that plans to make a difference

The team that brought us the social impact-focused Future Generation Investment Company (ASX:FGX) ...
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Future Generation Global aims to improve mental health

As chancellor of Sydney University, Belinda Hutchinson has seen first-hand the tragic impact of ...
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Charity LIC seeks $550 million raising

Magellan Asset Management, Paradice Investment Management and Hunter Hall Investment Management will...
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An LIC supporting Australia’s future generation

Imagine a publicly listed investment company (LIC) where you get access to Australia’s premium ...
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Wilson’s quest for a dual purpose LIC

For high-profile fund manager Geoff Wilson, the philanthropic idea had been in the back of his mind ...
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