We asked our shareholders what they wanted to hear and invited James Marlay from Livewire to conduct a series of discussions with Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Geoff Wilson AO, Chief Executive Officer Kate Thorley and Lead Portfolio Managers Catriona Burns, Matthew Haupt and Oscar Oberg about economies and markets, investment opportunities and challenges, and our personal experiences of these unprecedented times.

The importance of community during the Great Lockdown
Kate discusses Wilson Asset Management’s response to the coronavirus crisis and share the positive surprises that have emerged under lockdown.


Principles for dealing with a crisis
Geoff shares the principles he has learnt from navigating multiple investment market meltdowns over his four-decade career. In the current environment “hope is not a strategy”.


Positioning for a global recession
A global recession is inevitable in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Catriona shares her focus on companies with strong balance sheets, resilient earnings and positive exposure to the dramatic changes taking place in the global economy.


The opportunities in volatility
Elevated volatility is providing endless opportunities. Matthew explains how the WAM Leaders portfolio is constantly adapting to data and news flow to take advantage of mispricing and explores his positive views on gold, oil and banks.


Small-cap playbook
Smaller companies felt the impacts of the coronavirus the hardest and decisive action was crucial to survival. Oscar describes the move to cash and liquid positions in the early days of the crisis and shares compelling opportunities that present both growth and value.