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We asked our shareholders what they wanted to hear and invited James Marlay from Livewire to conduct...
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An informed investor is a better investor. We encourage all shareholders to keep in the loop and stay on track using a broad range of insights, information and updates. You can find them all here.


Time to level the capital raising field for retail investors

By Kate Thorley   The wave of capital raisings since the great lockdown is another ...
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Small caps soar amid accelerated revolution

By Ally Selby   Although the last two months have been marked by increased volatility and...
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Plan for the worst, hope for the best

By Ally Selby   Wilson Asset Management's Geoff Wilson has encouraged investors to plan ...
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Tough gig for bank investors

Shareholders looking for regular income from dividends are wondering whether they should finally ...
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Generational traits emerging under lockdown

By Geoff Wilson   We are collectively experiencing a major disruption to all aspects of ...
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Geoff Wilson says franking won’t escape stimulus bill

By Sarah Turner   Fund manager Geoff Wilson is assuming "everything will be on the table...
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Franking credits must remain no-go zone, says Geoff Wilson

By Eli Greenblat Veteran fund manager Geoff Wilson has warned that "everything is on the table" ...
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Investor Q&A call transcript

Geoff Wilson:    Hello, good morning everyone.  It's Geoff Wilson speaking.  Thank you very ...
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