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Wilson Asset Management Investor Conference Call

Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Geoff Wilson AO and our Lead Portfolio Managers hosted the ...
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Momentum is gathering for the death of the dollar

Since the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the global economists’ annual retreat to Jackson ...
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Look past economic noise for offshore gems

by Catriona BurnsAcross developed economies, which have all shown continued signs of weakness of...
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Geoff Wilson ‘worried’ as investors rush into equities

by Eli Greenblat.



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November 2019 Shareholder Presentations: Save the date

In November, we will be travelling around the country to meet with our shareholders. We will discuss...
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Where cautious fundies are hunting in 2020

by James ThomsonSharemarket rallies are supposed to make investors happy. But you won’t find ...
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The RBA and the paradox of perfection

Central banks (including ours) are faced with two choices: “rescue” the world from its economic ...
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Trump’s Trade War Is the Wrong Way to Compete With China

Tom Donilon

by Tom DonilonThe rivalry between the United States and China is here to stay. But the Trump ...
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May 2019 Shareholder Presentation and slides

Shareholder Presentation Slides 
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