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We asked our shareholders what they wanted to hear and invited James Marlay from Livewire to conduct...
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Geoff Wilson says franking won’t escape stimulus bill

By Sarah Turner   Fund manager Geoff Wilson is assuming "everything will be on the table...
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Franking credits must remain no-go zone, says Geoff Wilson

By Eli Greenblat Veteran fund manager Geoff Wilson has warned that "everything is on the table" ...
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Investor Q&A call transcript

Geoff Wilson:    Hello, good morning everyone.  It's Geoff Wilson speaking.  Thank you very ...
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Geoff Wilson on Eureka Report

By Alan Kohler   Geoff Wilson AO is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Wilson ...
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Defence, defence, defence

By Bella Kidman   Last week, Wilson Asset Management hosted their 2020 investor ...
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‘It had the smell of Lehman Brothers’

By Aaron Patrick   Around 2 o'clock on a silent Sydney night early last week, veteran ...
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How the longest bull run in history ended in pandemic panic

By Tom Westbrook and Scott Murdoch   As a collapse in the oil price unleashed chaos in ...
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Will COVID-19 end the bull market?

By Geoff Wilson The coronavirus (COVID-19) represents the first test of the global market in ...
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