The University of New South Wales (UNSW) runs an annual series of free workshops for female high school students, Girls Do The Maths, encouraging them to consider a career in mathematics. Females account for approximately one-third of mathematics undergraduates in Australia, despite achieving similar academic performance to males in high school.

“Wilson Asset Management is proud to support an initiative which encourages female students to pursue their interests and talents in mathematics,” said Wilson Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer, Kate Thorley.

In the workshops, UNSW showcases the careers of women who studied mathematics, spotlighting the variety of career paths mathematics can lead to.

“Funds management is one rewarding place mathematics can take you. Increased gender diversity has undoubtedly improved the financial services industry,” Ms Thorley said.

Some team from Willson Asset Management & UNSW.

Left to right: David Paradice (supporter), Simon Poidevin (supporter and UNSW Foundation Board member), Yvonne Huang (student), Adelle Coster (Head of School of Mathematics and Statistics), Geoff Wilson AO, Kate Thorley.