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Thank you for helping us raise $1 million to try to make a difference for Australians affected by bushfires and drought.


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Our initiatives

Genuinely rewarding returns.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding areas of our business is what we are able to give. We do this in a number of innovative and unique ways.

Future Generation

Investing in a different kind of potential.

We created and continue to support Future Generation Australia (ASX: FGX) and Future Generation Global (ASX: FGG), Australia’s first philanthropic wealth creation vehicles with the dual purpose of creating shareholder wealth and investing in our future generation. The Future Generation companies are actively making a difference by delivering an income stream for high-impact charities working to better the lives of Australian’s future generations.

Pledge 1%

Enriching lives in our community.

Wilson Asset Management is a signatory to Pledge 1% – a global corporate philanthropy movement that commits to donating 1% of product, 1% of equity, or 1% of employee time to improve communities around the world. We do this in a number of ways, including through a program that allows our staff to spend one day each month working in the non-profit sector.



Backing retail investors every step of the way.

We often engage in public debate and advocacy regarding issues that have a tangible effect on retail investors. Among other things, we’ve argued that the dividend imputation system should not be removed or adjusted, and that retail investors should have the opportunity to access capital raisings on an equal footing with wholesale investors.

Wilson Asset Management gives

Helping our team members to support the community.

The needs in our community are varied and sometimes urgent. We’re proud to provide significant support to various charities, primarily those working to better the lives of young Australians. In addition, every Wilson Asset Management team member is given $10,000 per year to donate as they see fit to any one or multiple charities. All donations are made by Wilson Asset Management and not the listed investment companies.  

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