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Frequently Asked Questions About WAM Global Initital Public Offering (IPO)

WAM Global FAQs

How can I apply for shares in the IPO?

Applicants can apply online for shares under the Offer at wilsonassetmanagement.com.au/global and pay their Application Price by BPAY. Applications will be open on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

What is the minimum number of shares I can apply for?

Applications must be for a minimum of 1,000 Shares at $2.20 per Share. A larger number of Shares may be applied for in multiples of 100 Shares.

How can I pay for my shares?

  • BPAY: At the completion of the online application process, you will be given a Biller Code and a unique Customer Reference Number (CRN).  If you pay via BPAY you do not need to return a paper Application Form.
  • Cheque: Completed Application Forms and accompanying cheques, made payable to “WAM Global Limited” and crossed “Not Negotiable” are to be lodged:
By mail

WAM Global Limited
c/- Boardroom Pty Limited
GPO Box 3993
Sydney NSW 2001

Hand delivered

WAM Global Limited
c/- Boardroom Pty Limited
Level 12, 225 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Do I need to complete a paper application form if I pay for the shares apply for via BPAY?

If you apply online and pay via BPAY, you do not need to complete and post a paper application form.

What is the maximum size of the capital raising?

The IPO will be strictly limited to $550 million, consisting of 250,000,000 shares issued.

What is the size of the priority allocation and who is entitled to participate?

Up to $165 million of the $550 million total proceeds from the Offer has been set aside for the Priority Allocation to the Wilson Asset Management Family:

  • A $150 million priority allocation to shareholders of one or more of WAM Capital, WAM Leaders, WAM Microcap, WAM Research, WAM Active and Century Australia*;
  • A $15 million priority allocation to past shareholders of the companies listed above, shareholders’ family and friends, subscribers to Wilson Asset Management updates*

* and their associated entities with registered addresses in Australia or New Zealand

When will the Priority Allocation close?

The Priority Allocation to the Wilson Asset Management Family is expected to close at 5:00 pm (Sydney time) on 8 June 2018.

If I participate in the priority allocation, will I get all the shares I apply for?

If the Offer is oversubscribed, applications will be scaled back

Early lodgement of your application is recommended as the Offer may be closed early at the Directors’ discretion. If the Company receives Applications from under the Priority Allocation to the Wilson Asset Management Family for more than $165 million, it intends to treat such additional Applications as being made under the General Offer on a General Offer Application Form. The Directors reserve the right to allocate such applications in their discretion.

What are the key dates of the IPO?

Offer expected to open
Broker Firm Offer expected to close
Priority Allocation to the Wilson Asset Management Family expected to close
General Offer expected to close
Offer expected to close
Expected date of allotment / date of dispatch of holding statements
Shares expected to commence trading on the ASX
2 May 2018
5.00pm, 1 June 2018
5.00pm, 8 June 2018
5.00pm, 8 June 2018
5.00pm, 8 June 2018
15 June 2018
22 June 2018

What is the application price per share?


Will the LIC pay a fully franked dividend?

The Board’s intention is to pay fully franked dividends to Shareholders, provided the Company has sufficient profit reserves and franking credits and it is within prudent business practices. The current intention of the Board is that all dividends paid to Shareholders will be franked to the maximum extent permitted by law. The Company’s ability to generate franking credits is dependent upon the payment of tax.

Does the LIC have a dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes, the Company has established a dividend reinvestment plan for Shareholders.

Can I apply for shares for my children or grandchildren?

Most brokers do not allow you to trade on behalf of a minor. Some brokers will allow you to open an account in the name of an adult who will act as trustee until the minor turns 18. Once the minor has turned 18, the shares can be transferred into an account in their name.

If you have such an account established, you can apply for shares via the application form with your allocated Holder Identification Number (HIN).

Can I fill in multiple application forms and pay with one cheque?

Yes, as long as you post all application forms together with the one cheque payment and clearly reference this in the application form.

Are there any brokerage fees payable if I apply for shares in the IPO?

No brokerage, commission or stamp duty is payable by Applicants on the acquisition of Shares under the Offer.

When can I apply for shares?

The Offer will be open on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

When is the last day I can apply for shares?

Completed applications and application monies under the Offer must be received by 5.00pm (Sydney time) 8 June 2018. The Directors may close the Offer at any time without prior notice or extend the period of the Offer in accordance with the Corporations Act.

When will shares begin trading on the ASX?

Shares are expected to commence trading on the ASX on 22 June 2018.


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